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What is Body Art Protein

A whey protein powder supplement with added Leucine ideal that is ideal for post-workout recovery and muscle repair.

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Our Story

As a strength and conditioning coach at The University of Minnesota, Mankato, Tommy Inkrott was constantly approached by his athletes with the question, “what protein supplement should I take?” After explaining the different types of protein, what to look for, what to be cautious of, and the importance of quality ingredients, Tommy found himself disappointed when his athletes would return with a overpriced, low-quality protein powder.

This motived him to create his own protein powder supplement. Tommy worked with product developers to engineer the perfect formula for his athletes. He knew that Leucine was a key ingredient for optimal muscle recovery, so it became the Body Art ‘secret sauce.’

Months of research, development, and testing resulted in the best tasting, fully effective whey protein powder supplement on the market today. Body Art Protein was born!

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Why Whey?

Whey is a group of proteins found in milk and milk-based products. It is easily digestible which allows for rapid absorption of its amino acids. Whey protein stimulates muscle protein synthesis, or the rebuilding of muscle tissue, which makes it the ideal post-workout supplement for recovery.

Why Leucine?

Leucine is an essential amino acid that must be consumed to gain its benefits—the body cannot manufacture it. Leucine is the only amino acid that has the capacity to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. See the pattern here? The combination of whey protein and Leucine allows muscle to grow stronger and recover more fully.

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The Breakdown

Interested in the nutritional science behind Body Art? This section is for you.

Body Art Protein contains 24 grams of pure whey protein. The whey blend is 50% Ion-Exchange whey protein isolate, 40% of the highest quality whey protein concentrate, and 10% milk protein isolate. This blend delivers both fast and slow time released protein absorption for optimal protein synthesis and recovery.

Getting enough protein for your body and activity level is important, whether it comes from food or quality whey supplements. Failing to consume adequate protein per day can cause you to lose muscle, slow your metabolism, and depress your immune system.

The 24 grams of protein per serving in Body Art delivers a high amount of protein with only 120 calories making it the perfect choice to get the recommended amount of protein in your diet per day.

Who Uses Body Art?

The Elite Athlete

High school, college, and professional athletes benefit from the whey and Leucine combination primarily in the form of muscle growth.

When muscles undergo stress, such as during a tough lift or practice, the proteins are removed and replaced with newer versions of the same protein. This process allows the muscle to recover, grow, and become stronger—the ultimate goal of any athlete.

The added Leucine in Body Art Protein acts as a catalyst to spark the renewal of muscle tissue. This makes Leucine and high quality whey protein the winning blend for an athlete to consume after a workout to increase strength and build muscle.

The Active Ager

As we celebrate more birthdays, our ability to retain muscle strength decreases, beginning after age 30 and significantly decreasing after age 50. Not the best news, huh?

As we age, our body becomes more resistant to muscle-building proteins and aminos such as Leucine, resulting in progressive age-related muscle loss called Sarcopenia

Interestingly enough, through his research, Tommy discovered that additional Leucine had extra benefits for not only his athletes, but for – you guessed it – the active ager as well.

If you are age 30 and up, consuming Body Art Protein after a workout or as a snack can help maintain existing muscle while supporting new muscle growth.

The Weight Conscious

So you want to lose a few pounds -- who doesn’t? Maintaining a healthy weight has numerous benefits and Body Art Protein can help you reach those weight loss goals.

Studies show that supplementing with Leucine increases fat loss by 25%, promotes better blood sugar control, reduces LDL cholesterol levels, and increases resting metabolism. That’s a lot of advantages from one little amino!

When trying to lose weight, you often feel hungry from trying to cut back on calories. Consuming adequate protein can help you feel more full, and Body Art is packed with high quality whey protein. Plus, Body Art is low in calories, carbs, and fat making it a good choice for people trying to maintain muscle while losing fat.

The Fitness Enthusiast

So you’re not an athlete (technically), you’re not over 50, and you’re not trying to lose weight…why should you take Body Art Protein?

If you’re someone who enjoys being active and participates in some sort of physical activity multiple times a week, your body still needs added protein to fully recover from that exercise. Adding Body Art Protein to your diet will help you build muscle while losing fat, and help make sure you’re getting adequate nutrition for your active lifestyle.